Central beam with cable channel M-AC-016

Dimensions: 1600 x 200 x 113 H
Weight: 6.20
Information: Weight applies to 1 set of central beam with channel.
Available colors
RAL 9006
RAL 7032
RAL 7012
RAL 9005
RAL 9016

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Central beam with channel is used with double steel legs to create e.g. open space workstations, fits tops of length 1600 mm.

Central beam is used for mounting supports for wooden screens or glass screens. Construction of beam allows to put cables and plugs through centrail rail to channel placed below.

Used tops must be deeper by 40 mm compared to width of chosen steel legs e.g. for double steel legs MQ 5516 of width 1596 mm must make 2 tops, each of width 780 mm.

Systematics of central beams with cable channel:

– M-AC-016/55 – for steel legs models: MQ 5512, MQ 5514, MQ 5516, MQ 7312, MQ 7314, MQ 7316,

– M-AC-016/63 – for steel legs models: MQ 7612, MQ 7614, MQ 7616, MQ 7912, MQ 7914, MQ 7916.